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Bianca Garza

Welcome to this ʰᵒʳʳⁱᵇˡʸ made K-pop podcast where we invite you to listen to episodes about different K-pop idols and groups ♡︎


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公開日時: 2021-09-22 01:53:13

K-pop is listened to everywhere around the world and currently making history on USA billboard charts and we talk about everything kpop including k dramas and Korean idols

Blackpink ❥︎
公開日時: 2021-09-22 01:53:13

[DISCLAIMER- WE, IN NO WAY MEAN HARM FROM THIS VIDEO AND ARE SIMPLY EDUCATING ABOUT RECENT NEWS] ☻︎ In this episode we talk about rumors, covid-19 celebrity masks, collaboration with Lady Gaga and possible upcoming come-back.